Communities, Ideas, Action, Change!

We think that it is really important for people with social or health needs to have a voice.

This is why Together 4 Change provides online spaces for mutual support. Our aim is to develop projects from the things we learn on these networks and advocate for policy and practice changes.

We also support individuals and small charities who share our vision.

Featured Communities

Mental Health Forum

The Mental Health Forum aims to be the friendliest place on the web to discuss mental health issues. It has received over 2 million visits during the last year and is run by a team of volunteers.

The Choice Forum

The Choice Forum is a UK Learning Disability Forum. Here, family members, paid and volunteer staff and people with learning disabilities themselves can share experiences to make a difference.

LDOX Forum Screenshot


LDOX is a Learning Disabilities Community for Oxfordshire. People from Oxfordshire are invited to ask questions, share information, and talk about what is happening in their lives.