Our Communities

Sharing, mutual support, identifying common issues and taking action are key features of Together 4 Change communities. Our communities have more than 40,000 members. Over 170,000 unique visitors use the communities’ websites each month. Members, collectively, also receive hundreds of thousands of emails from our email forums each month. These figures grow by the day! The information shared within the online communities is also often shared with many more thousands of people.

Our portfolio of online communities currently comprises the following forums:

LDOX – Oxfordshire’s Learning Disabilities Community

LDOX is our latest online community – and it’s our first community on a local level. LDOX aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities, people with autism, children with special educational needs and people with related disabilities in Oxfordshire get the best support and opportunities available.

Parents, friends, relatives, people working in the field, and of course people with learning disabilities themselves are invited to join the forum, ask questions, share information, and talk about what is happening in their lives!

The community combines a clean, modern web-based forum with excellent email integration.


The Choice Forum

This is a Learning Disabilities Forum which deals with issues affecting the lives of people with learning disabilities in the UK. It started in the year 2000 in response to research which showed that many people working with people with learning disabilities were isolated and would appreciate receiving more support in their quest to support people with learning disabilities to have more choice in their lives. It is run in partnership with the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

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The PMLD Network

This email-driven forum enables people to share ideas, let each other know about resources and events, ask questions, find answers and support each other in working together to make things better for children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities. It started in 2003 and is run in partnership with the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and the broader off-line Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Network.

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The Mental Health Forum

This community started in 2003 as the 1 in 4 Forum. It was renamed the Mental Health Forum in 2007 and now receives over 115,000 visits to its website each month. Over 19,000 people with a connection to mental health have become members. Together, these members have demonstrated that there need to be changes in the support available to people with mental health difficulties. While the forum originally started out as an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation, today it is run by an increasing number of volunteers, approximately 50 at the last count, with our support. A feature of this forum is the wide range of perspectives taken, the breadth of subject areas discussed and its local, national and international focuses.

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The Inclusive Research Network

A small network in its formation stages which is aiming to support the community of people working or having an interest in inclusive research with people with learning difficulties.

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The Hidden Loves Network

A small network run in association with the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities of people who support people with learning disabilities in same-sex relationships, or with an interest in them.