About Us

Our Aims

Together 4 Change aims to be a key catalyst for improvements in the lives of people who have social or health needs, for example those with learning difficulties and/or mental health difficulties and those who support them and work with them (i.e. carers, parents, and professionals).

We use online communities to help achieve this aim.

We currently support a number of learning disability and mental health related forums/networks, which combined have over 102,000 members. You can find out more about our communities here.

Together 4 Change currently has four major priorities:

  1. Run our existing learning disabilities and mental health forums/networks, and develop new ones
  2. Develop projects from the things we learn from the forums/networks
  3. Form partnerships to work on the issues raised within our online communities
  4. Together with members of our online communities, partners and other interested people advocate for policy and practice changes.

Board of Directors

At the moment we are in start-up mode. We will announce who has been appointed to the board of directors as soon as directors have been appointed.